Thanks for visiting. Here are links to my most up to date resume and summary, and here is a little bit about me:

I have been in the business of technology for the past 25+ years. I spent the 1990s working for startups doing everything from VC pitches to sales calls to architecture, design and development. Durng this period I was part of a very successful IPO on NASDAQ with VerticalNet. I spent the 2000s working for larger companies in enterprise architecture and IT management, including Comcast, where I managed a 100+ person team and helped architect, design and deliver the enterprise order management stack across two data centers. I have been with Salesforce since 2011, focusing exclusively on larger enterprise customers. I have held several roles at the company, tackling everything from developing strategic roadmaps, optimizing business value, assessing ROI, and actually configuring and developing custom solutions. I am something of a propeller head with an MBA, so I am comfortable talking shop about business strategy and process, IT strategy and architecture and lower level database and software design. I am always interested in learning more about what people do and how they work, and am always happy to help people understand how technology can help them to be more successful. In every engagement I try to consistently exhibit the following qualities: Empathy for the customer, especially for those responsible for buying and managing technology, who may not necessarily understand all of its complexities. Collaboration with the customer team, to the point where I am able to operate as a native member of the team, which makes a world of difference when it comes to being informed and being able to inform. Clear and consistent communication, in both verbal and written form, with an ever-present focus on being both succinct and complete. In my estimation, the biggest risk in any project is poor communication, whether requirements or target features or design tradeoffs or phases and timelines, so I find that this is a vital function I am able to perform, even as an external party. Creativity, mostly in the form of process design and technical architecture, and the intersection of the two. My personal goal of being a veritically integrated, multidisciplinary practitioner allows me to cut across business, functional and technical concerns, which allows me to apply creative solutions across these concerns. Flexibility, with a keen focus on the customer impact and business results, not necessarily which activity I own or get credit for. Give me a problem, and I will solve it. If I cannot solve it, then I will find someone who can, and I will hold myself accountable for the solution.

All the rest is in the resume. Please feel free to call or write if you want to talk further.

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